Deze akoestische a-capella band uit Reykjavík is heel populair in hun thuisland IJsland met een handvol nummer één singles, drie succesvolle albums en een vierde in de maak. Árstíðir heeft zijn roots in de indie folk, gecombineerd met zang harmonieën en veel strijkers. Naast het mixen van genres in hun muziek is het meest karakteristieke van deze band wel het feit dat alle vier de leden zingen en buitengewoon goed op elkaar ingespeeld zijn. [bron ESNS]

Lyrically ‘All Is Well’ is a spell that we’re casting: a wish for brighter times ahead for all of us. And to wish ourslves safe travels on our upcoming musical journey.
Musically All Is Well will give a hint at what is brewing in Árstíðir-land musically. In some ways it marks a return to our origins as a band, and in other ways the start of something completely new.”I was inspired by monochromatic light: an optical spectrum which contains only one frequency, which is to say one color, and how we perceive the first light from a certain wavelength. I photographed a white canvas and painted a steady triangle. In abstract is it an ‘A’ but it also stands for ‘history’, ’today’ and ‘future’. How you perceive the symbol depends on your perceptiony, point of view and distance from the symbol. The colors with the highest and lowest frequencies, red an blue/violet spread out to fill in the elements. But where does the line start, and where will it ends its journey? That is a question for the beholder.” ~ P.